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Agora Premium Indicator Suite

Analysis Automation Tool

This replaces manual technical analysis,removing human error, and freeing up your time. You will be able to easily switch through time frames without having to re do your work.

Complete Education

On-Boarding Call Included

Our academy is the best place to learn how to use the Agora Indicators, while also learning about trading. All new members get on-boarding calls, we want to make sure you understand the software before your trial ends

Extras And Bonuses

Organized In Discord

Your Agora Trading membership comes with extras, some of the bonuses include market scanners, the HPOB detection system, professional trading analysts, our community etc...

Tibor Vavic

Trading Analyst

I am not wasting time doing analysis when I switch assets or timeframes, the software draws everything I would draw normally. 10/10!

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